Tips on Keyword Usage for SEO

Search engine optimisation or SEO revolves around the concept of giving a website a chance to get up on the first few pages of a search engine result page (SERP), since these prized first pages are where customers look for the service or product they want. One of the most commonly used SEO techniques involves keyword optimisation.

SEO and Keywords

When keywords are not properly chosen, a business site can easily get lost in the vast amount of available content in cyberspace. The right keywords can set you apart from the crowd and attract the right people.

A good rule of thumb that people should follow in choosing keywords is to limit the number of words—within three to five keywords would be just about right. One keyword alone may not be optimal because it would have most likely been shared or used already by many websites. On the other hand, choosing more than five would be impractical as it would have required more time to measure or assess the words for ranking.

Focusing on three products or services with the ideal number of target keywords will more likely ensure that people will find your webpage and be able to focus on the products you feature even as, sometimes, what they see are only tangentially related to what they want.

There are several common pitfalls in choosing keywords that can be avoided with professional help. Some of these include the use of general or irrelevant keywords which do not help at all in raising a website’s rank, the presence of too many excessively long keywords, and the mistake of overlooking the reuse of keyword combinations.


The Role of Responsive Web Design in Marketing

These days, people use their smartphones and laptops to look for businesses in the area, practically hammering in a few nails in print ads’ coffin. However, just because you have a website, it doesn’t mean that your customers will come flocking to you. For one, your site should have responsive design.

A responsive web design relies on a set of elements that allow a website to be viewed on different devices with ease, and where the display and layout adjust themselves depending on the gadget used to access the site. One of the main reasons for implementing a responsive web design is the increasing prominence of mobile devices. Nielsen did a survey of cellphone users last year and a dominant 61 percent of those surveyed have smartphones. Tablets are also an increasingly familiar sight in people’s hands.

A web design that is programmed for smartphone users entail that the site has also been optimised for effective ranking and advertising. Marketing consultants would tell you that Google approves of the design philosophy that the search engine giant considers responsive web design an industry standard for best practice.

Moreover, responsive web design can also help sites adapt to future devices. This is because the template is based on screen size alone and will ensure that your webpage keeps its attractive layout no matter what version of iPad or Samsung Galaxy your potential customers are using.

The Importance of Keywords in SEO

The primary purpose of search engine sites like Google is to provide Internet users with instant unlimited information. They allow users to key in the words or phrases that represent the information they are looking for. Once the keywords are entered, Google crawlers scour the Web for webpages that potentially contain the requested information. The webpage with the most relevant information is usually presented first on the list of results.

Google relies on other websites for the information it serves. These websites provide the content and, in return, Google provides them with exposure. Greater exposure is crucial for Internet marketers because it allows them to reach out more potential clients. Google helps businesses and their target market find each other, eventually resulting in sales or partnership.

In order for a website to be easily found, the owner must engage in search engine optimisation. This is an online marketing tool that functions as a matchmaker between a business and its market. It involves providing relevant and high-quality information for all possible keywords the target market will search. Like in lottery where buying more tickets increases your chance of winning, providing content for more keywords increases the chance of being found.

For businesses whose target market resides in a particular area, local SEO will be very useful. This involves using keywords with geotags to limit the search to businesses operating in that area. Adding geotags to keywords will increase the number of online visits that would actually translate to sales.

Questions to Ask Prospective Marketing Consultants

Strategic marketing consultants are vital allies if you’re looking to gradually expand your business. Choosing the right one can either spell doom or sure success. Here are a few questions you should ask when choosing one.

What is/are your area/s of expertise?

Know what their specialisation is. There are numerous components to marketing, and having one that focuses on specific related fields is advantageous especially if you’re looking to fulfill one specific marketing task. Common areas include:

–       Search engine marketing and optimisation

–       Branding

–       Positioning

–       Affiliate marketing development and management

–       Marketing strategy and plan development

What is your preferred marketing channel?

Consultants may well prefer to use only specific arrays of marketing channels; from social media to traditional advertising. If one particular method is the best fit for your specific needs, then by all means, choose to work with the consultant that prefers it, too.

How will you charge for your services?

Know how your prospective consultant is going to be compensated and get it in writing for reference. Compensation methods vary a lot, so choose carefully.

Client references

Never hire a consultant without searching for referrals. True competence is proven by achieved results. If they couldn’t succeed with other clients, then why could they be competent enough for you?

What are your qualifications?

Ask up front if the prospective consultant is a member of recognised organisations that duly give out competence certifications and other relevant papers. Also take note of their experience in the industry.

Perth SEO Company Explains How Audi’s R8 Promo Serves as an SEO Model

The #WantAnR8 campaign lived up to its name (although it doesn’t get the winner a free R8). In 2011, an avid Audi devotee from Washington, D.C. got the chance to drive an R8 for one day and quickly fell in love with the sports car. Cristo describes it as an effort to develop mutual trust between the seller and a potential customer.

You have your own definition of trust, Google has its own; but they share the same idea. Search engine optimisation (SEO) experts point out that links to credible sources, terms and conditions, and videos, among other things, help determine the trustworthiness of a webpage. Organic rankings, experts say, is built on relevance and trust.

Audi’s contest succeeded as a marketing campaign due to the achievement of three key factors–surprise, audience, and technology. In this regard, a Perth SEO company like West Point Media makes sure to maximise the resources available when creating an online marketing strategy.

Perth Marketing Consultant on the Power of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, then, takes into account a basic truth: businesses must go wherever people go. Considering that there are now around two billion social media users worldwide, it makes sense for businesses to promote their brands by means of such things as profile updates and hashtags. Today, social media should form a core component of any online marketing strategy, whether or not you’re in the film industry.

As the demise of movie websites goes to show, one’s chances of exposure without the help of social media are all but slim. Any business in Western Australia that wishes to launch a viral marketing campaign would do well to consult seasoned Perth marketing consultants like West Point Media.

Rigged for Success: Creating SEO Marketing Plans

Although it’s tempting for businesses to rely solely on their websites for marketing purposes, the websites might not even attract enough visitors without any form of SEO in place. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a series of techniques designed to help people access a website through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Naturally, businesses need to have SEO plans in place if they want their websites to actually attract visitors. Continue reading

Perth SEO Company Provides Guidance on the Proper Use of Keywords

Keyword choice is where many companies need assistance from a knowledgeable Perth search engine optimisation company as it is easy to make mistakes in the selection. There are several common pitfalls that can be avoided with professional help: the use of general or irrelevant keywords which do not help at all in raising a website’s rank, the presence of too many excessively long keywords, and overlooking the reuse of keyword combinations. Working with a dedicated SEO company in Perth will help make sure that these do not happen, and a thorough website audit will be able to correct them if they are currently present on your webpage.

Responsive Web Design: Why Marketing Consultants in Perth Recommend It

An established Perth marketing consultant like West Point Media will be able to help add that extra something – a responsive web design. Such type of web design relies on a set of elements that allow a website to be viewed on different devices with ease, wherein the display and layout are being adjusted depending on what gadget is used to access the site.

Realising and Considering Online Marketing Options

Once limited to print, radio, and television, marketing has expanded into the online realm. As a vast repository of information that’s readily accessible to anyone from almost anywhere, it’s a logical step to move marketing efforts to the Internet. Since many people surf the Web for various things, businesses would be wise to capitalise on such a vastly popular and dynamic medium. Continue reading