Questions to Ask Prospective Marketing Consultants

Strategic marketing consultants are vital allies if you’re looking to gradually expand your business. Choosing the right one can either spell doom or sure success. Here are a few questions you should ask when choosing one.

What is/are your area/s of expertise?

Know what their specialisation is. There are numerous components to marketing, and having one that focuses on specific related fields is advantageous especially if you’re looking to fulfill one specific marketing task. Common areas include:

–       Search engine marketing and optimisation

–       Branding

–       Positioning

–       Affiliate marketing development and management

–       Marketing strategy and plan development

What is your preferred marketing channel?

Consultants may well prefer to use only specific arrays of marketing channels; from social media to traditional advertising. If one particular method is the best fit for your specific needs, then by all means, choose to work with the consultant that prefers it, too.

How will you charge for your services?

Know how your prospective consultant is going to be compensated and get it in writing for reference. Compensation methods vary a lot, so choose carefully.

Client references

Never hire a consultant without searching for referrals. True competence is proven by achieved results. If they couldn’t succeed with other clients, then why could they be competent enough for you?

What are your qualifications?

Ask up front if the prospective consultant is a member of recognised organisations that duly give out competence certifications and other relevant papers. Also take note of their experience in the industry.


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