The Importance of Keywords in SEO

The primary purpose of search engine sites like Google is to provide Internet users with instant unlimited information. They allow users to key in the words or phrases that represent the information they are looking for. Once the keywords are entered, Google crawlers scour the Web for webpages that potentially contain the requested information. The webpage with the most relevant information is usually presented first on the list of results.

Google relies on other websites for the information it serves. These websites provide the content and, in return, Google provides them with exposure. Greater exposure is crucial for Internet marketers because it allows them to reach out more potential clients. Google helps businesses and their target market find each other, eventually resulting in sales or partnership.

In order for a website to be easily found, the owner must engage in search engine optimisation. This is an online marketing tool that functions as a matchmaker between a business and its market. It involves providing relevant and high-quality information for all possible keywords the target market will search. Like in lottery where buying more tickets increases your chance of winning, providing content for more keywords increases the chance of being found.

For businesses whose target market resides in a particular area, local SEO will be very useful. This involves using keywords with geotags to limit the search to businesses operating in that area. Adding geotags to keywords will increase the number of online visits that would actually translate to sales.


Perth SEO Company Explains How Audi’s R8 Promo Serves as an SEO Model

The #WantAnR8 campaign lived up to its name (although it doesn’t get the winner a free R8). In 2011, an avid Audi devotee from Washington, D.C. got the chance to drive an R8 for one day and quickly fell in love with the sports car. Cristo describes it as an effort to develop mutual trust between the seller and a potential customer.

You have your own definition of trust, Google has its own; but they share the same idea. Search engine optimisation (SEO) experts point out that links to credible sources, terms and conditions, and videos, among other things, help determine the trustworthiness of a webpage. Organic rankings, experts say, is built on relevance and trust.

Audi’s contest succeeded as a marketing campaign due to the achievement of three key factors–surprise, audience, and technology. In this regard, a Perth SEO company like West Point Media makes sure to maximise the resources available when creating an online marketing strategy.

Perth SEO Company Provides Guidance on the Proper Use of Keywords

Keyword choice is where many companies need assistance from a knowledgeable Perth search engine optimisation company as it is easy to make mistakes in the selection. There are several common pitfalls that can be avoided with professional help: the use of general or irrelevant keywords which do not help at all in raising a website’s rank, the presence of too many excessively long keywords, and overlooking the reuse of keyword combinations. Working with a dedicated SEO company in Perth will help make sure that these do not happen, and a thorough website audit will be able to correct them if they are currently present on your webpage.

SEO Company in Perth Launches New Line-up of Online Marketing Services

“With search engines as fickle as they are, the landscape for Internet marketing is constantly in a state of flux. New marketing opportunities are also opening up alongside it. Mobile and local search continue to see more widespread use here in Australia, and as any progressive SEO company in Perth would know, this is a signal to change. To keep up with the times, West Point Media is undergoing a radical change to redefine the online marketing services we offer our clients so that they can continue to stay one step ahead of the competition.

As part of this update to our services, West Point Media will now be offering search engine optimisation, local search marketing, PPC management, social media marketing, and website audits in our online marketing services line-up. Several of these will be available in structured tiers to provide our diverse collection of clients different levels of service according to their individual needs.”

What Should You Look for in Marketing Consultants?

In Perth’s highly competitive business environment, small business owners can’t afford to be bludgers and get left in the dust. Every business owner should strive to keep pace with their competitors, and a good way to start is to hire experienced marketing consultants. Here are the most important qualities clients should seek in a prospective marketing consultant: Continue reading