Tips on Keyword Usage for SEO

Search engine optimisation or SEO revolves around the concept of giving a website a chance to get up on the first few pages of a search engine result page (SERP), since these prized first pages are where customers look for the service or product they want. One of the most commonly used SEO techniques involves keyword optimisation.

SEO and Keywords

When keywords are not properly chosen, a business site can easily get lost in the vast amount of available content in cyberspace. The right keywords can set you apart from the crowd and attract the right people.

A good rule of thumb that people should follow in choosing keywords is to limit the number of words—within three to five keywords would be just about right. One keyword alone may not be optimal because it would have most likely been shared or used already by many websites. On the other hand, choosing more than five would be impractical as it would have required more time to measure or assess the words for ranking.

Focusing on three products or services with the ideal number of target keywords will more likely ensure that people will find your webpage and be able to focus on the products you feature even as, sometimes, what they see are only tangentially related to what they want.

There are several common pitfalls in choosing keywords that can be avoided with professional help. Some of these include the use of general or irrelevant keywords which do not help at all in raising a website’s rank, the presence of too many excessively long keywords, and the mistake of overlooking the reuse of keyword combinations.


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