Everything There is to Search Engine Optimisation

As mass media marketing relies on TV adverts, billboards, and radio plugs, internet marketing utilizes search engine optimisation or SEO. Simply put, SEO makes certain websites more popular than others by associating them with specific keywords; usually the same words that internet users input when visiting Google, Yahoo!, or other search engines. Of course, things are hardly as simple as they seem.

To elaborate, search engines employ a number of ways to find keywords in certain websites. The most obvious location where a keyword can be found is in the website’s written content such as articles, news bits, or even the headings of its webpages. However, keywords can also be implemented into the code of the website itself, and this is actually preferred more by search engines.

Keywords associated with a website need to be very relevant if it wants to be recognized. As an example, a website that sells cars in Perth need to have keywords like “car seller in Perth”, “car salesman in Perth”, and the like. While any other internet marketing firm can provide this service, ideally it should be an agency that specialises in search engine optimisation in Perth that should be given a ring, because they know the location better than anyone.


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